ePortfolio Published

k1259158I cleaned up my ePortfolio to remove any references that would violate the privacy of others.  This is a mandate of the ePortfolio in the Affirmation section.  Therefore the password has been removed and it now linked straight from this blog.

Otherwise, I have been keeping busy learning how to be a reference librarian.  This is a difficult task as I want so much to help our patrons but sometimes I feel like I don’t have the skills yet to help out the best I could.  More time and practice will help.

Otherwise, I have just been performing my same duties in the information systems side of work.

Saying Goodbye to GoDaddy

geraldsplaygroundAs part of my LIBR 246 Drupal class, I had to purchase a domain name and hosting from GoDaddy. After the class, I thought I would maintain the Drupal sites as part of my SJSU SLIS graduation portfolio.  But after several security hotfixes and paying $6.99/month to maintain the site, I figured I could save my money and transfer the portfolio to this WordPress site.  So tada, my new portfolio site:  https://starnight71.wordpress.com/slis-eportfolio/.  I am hoping I can maintain it as similarly as possible with the old site.  There aren’t as many features in this hosted for free WordPress site as the a self maintained Drupal site but it isn’t a big site to maintain.

Theme Change

Trying out some themes as the one I originally started with “Fresh & Clean” has been discontinued.  😦

Tried Elegant Grunge but, I did not like the fonts used nor the dirty look.

Tried iTheme2 not reallty for the Apple look-n-feel but because I liked the font clarity and the space background.  I didn’t like the limited header image size.

Then found Big Brother theme.  It says the theme is ideal for big companies and government organizations but, I like all the options available for colors, background and header styles.  The header will appomidate my original image and a background.  I think I will be sticking with this theme.

At Internet Librarian as a Student

otterThis week I’ve been at Internet Librarian in Monterey California.  I have been to this conference many times but this is the first time as a SJSU student.  I’ve been learning a lot these few days.  Going back to work with plans to redesign the website, becoming more social media active and telling stories to guide users.  Too bad I missed the MOOC session with former professor Michael Stephenson.  I am thinking about an email I received them SJSU for a new upcoming class with Michael on WordPress for CMS.  I just hope that it is not too hard or would demand too much of my time.

Meanwhile, I am a little over halfway done with this semester classwork.  Finding time is definitely a factor and I have missed a few discussion questions during the semester.  But all in all the classes are going well.  I am glad that I have taken the cataloging class.

Break time again

20130815-195457.jpgSummer 2013 class, LIBR251 Web Usability, is now over. Well, I had to complete my final paper a couple days early, Aug 7, because I was flying up to Seattle for a conference and I did not want to take my laptop if I didn’t need to. I was a rough week getting my paper finished and packing for my trip but in the end, it all worked out. I just looked at my grade and I got 100% on my paper and an A for the class.

Onward to Fall 2013 in a week, starting on Aug. 21. Taking a management class and a design class. Already dreading the management class when I got my thick book titled, “Management Basics for Information Professionals.” Hope I do not fall asleep reading it.

Can’t wait to be a librarian

librarian2smJust taking a couple of classes at SJSU SLIS and thinking about how to change the LLU library has be wishing I was librarian now.  What do I mean?  I mean that I have all these ideas and I have the ear of the director and librarians but in my heart  I am not a librarian.  So, I do not feel I am equal or at the same level as the librarians and therefore, I feel like I don’t have the same say in these ideas that will effect the very nature of the library.  But I do have a say and I say it.  I do get things done and do them.  But, well just thinking about social media and the library’s commitment to it.  I cannot really participate in responding with authority to patron research questions because I don’t have the librarian title.  So, hoping I can get through these MLIS classes as quickly as possible so that I can give myself permission to be a librarian and well as act like one.



Transitions are difficult.  The transitions that I am referring to is going from school break to back to school.  I’ve been staying up way too late recently trying to fit in the activities I was doing before school started back up with the things with my two classes require.  I finished up last night reading my textbooks for LIBR 287 and tonight I have to start reading for my LIBR 202 class.  Going to have to stop watching TV and playing Diablo III.  😦