Checking in Spring 2015

downloadIt’s nearly Spring Break.  I needed to access the roadmap on this blog so I decided to check in as well.  It seems like a Tale of Two Courses this semester.  The Preservation Management course is fun and engaging but flies at a fast pace.  It is difficult to keep up at times.  I have two starting working on Project 3 and Project 4 nearly at the same time.  The final project, #4, being one that will need time to pursue.

The Advance Search class is slow.  Units can range over 2-3 weeks.  Sometimes project will sneak up on me because I was concentrating on the Preservation class.   I have homework searches and a short presentation due this week and before Spring Break.

This semester seems to be dragging along.  Can’t wait to finish it and my degree.  I am learning a lot from the Preservation class that I can use at work to improve our archive.