I haven’t posed for a while.  Been working on LIBR251 Interactive Usability.  This class has a lot of individual work and time spent reading.  The teacher has turned over the forums to a group of students to initiate forum discussions while the other two groups answer the questions.  It will be my turn to be a question asker starting next week.  It is such a short class that there’s less than a month to go.  I’ve gotta get my final project completed a little early so that I can have it done before going to Seattle in August.


Summer 2013

Summer is here, not technically, and my new SLIS class has started.  I am taking LIBR251 – Web Usability.  I am hoping that this will be an easy class for the summer since I have been aware of user centric web designed for some time now.  But there is always something to learn.

For our first assignment, the traditional introduction, the professor wanted us to take a screenshot of an interface that we commonly use that includes our intro.  I used Facebook on an iPad.