Early End; Early Start

Well, I’ve got all my assignments in for LIBR250 and I am starting to think about next semester being my last.  Only one short week until Fall 2015 begins.  Summer was too short.  CharlieBrown


One week to go for summer session . . .

il_fullxfull.191572057. . . already thinking about fall.

I just received the introduction email for INFO 289 – ePortfolio.  Looks like I will have to create a new blog, if I want to use a blog, to create my ePortfolio because I will need to setup a password protected site.  No problem.  I can just setup a private blog here and migrate what I already have to it.

As for LIBR250 – Instructional Design.  I just need to rewrite my proposal using the suggestions from my peers.  It shouldn’t be too bad.

Half way through summer

Half way through the summer session.  It is difficult to know where I stand with this class.  I’ve been getting 100s on all my assignments so I guess that is good.  Now I’ve got to pull it all together and create my project from these assignments. Project? My original idea came from my mom asking me about her Kindle Fire and getting on the Internet.  So I expanded that to teaching a class of seniors.  Should be fun.

More excitingly is the close encounter of Pluto by the New Horizon’s spacecraft.  Less than 14 hours from closest approach now.  I can’t wait to see the high res. images.

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