Saying Goodbye to GoDaddy

geraldsplaygroundAs part of my LIBR 246 Drupal class, I had to purchase a domain name and hosting from GoDaddy. After the class, I thought I would maintain the Drupal sites as part of my SJSU SLIS graduation portfolio.  But after several security hotfixes and paying $6.99/month to maintain the site, I figured I could save my money and transfer the portfolio to this WordPress site.  So tada, my new portfolio site:  I am hoping I can maintain it as similarly as possible with the old site.  There aren’t as many features in this hosted for free WordPress site as the a self maintained Drupal site but it isn’t a big site to maintain.


Spring 2014 Ended – Summer Break

summerheatpalmtree-587117Wow, I haven’t written anything posts sign announcing that I was starting Spring 2014 and now my Spring 2014 classes are over.  Just to summarize, LIBR285-Research Methods was my hard class and the last of my core classes.   The professor was fine but the class really didn’t foster collaboration with my other classmates.  There was a group project but the regular discussion posts were not engaging.  I missed responding to a couple posts and missed one discussion topic completely.  Oh discordia.  I think I did pretty good for the class despite my lack of interest in the topic and course.  I received A’s on all my assignments so far (minus the last I just turned in) but then there is the participation score that might hurt me.  This might be my first B.

LIBR246-Drupal was a fun class and has produced a useful outcome.  Even though I know a lot about Drupal going into the class, I learned some techniques and modules that will help me with work and SBVAA.  The outcome for the class was to create a eProtfolio website:  I will continue working on this site for my graduation requirement.

Time for a little summer break.  There’s too much going on in my life this summer and I need a break from school.  Taking summer off then starting again Aug. 2014 for Fall 2014.

-Gerald Rezes