Almost Finished with this Semester

Wow, only 3 weeks to go until the end of the semester and a much needed break for the holidays.  I am taking two classes.  Of course this one, LIBR240.  I started working on my Final webpage although it is just in the design and structure phase right now.  In other words, not much content.

My other class is core class LIBR204 in management.  It has been a tough class and I’ve put a lot of work into it.  The final for LIBR204 is to create a PowerPoint presentation, web page or some other multimedia presentation on what we have learned from the class.  It sounds like fun and I will probably use Prezi.  I could have planned our final website to be my assignment for LIBR204 but that wouldn’t be much fun.almost-there-kelli-reed


Halfway Through

30 secondMy professor for LIBR204 just sent out an announcement saying that we are halfway through the semester.  It seems like it this time around.  My business management class, LIBR204, has been a long and boring class.  The content is just not something that resonates with me.  The reading is long, long, long.  I am working on a group project now which I hope we will be successful at.  Somehow I was made the team leader.

My LIBR240, web coding, class is a lot of fun.  So far nothing is too hard just normal coding that I have been doing for sometime.  I am learning about CSS structure and why some attributes work on line elements and others on block elements.  I also learned about CSS Sprites which I can apply to the archives / CONTENTdm project.

4×4 Dot Puzzler

4x4DotsSo in Management Basics for Information Professionals by Evans and Ward, there is a brain teaser to determine the number of squares that can be created in the following 4×4 dot matrix.  The answer given was 32 and for the life of me I could not figure out how the authors came to that answer.  I was finally able to figure it out with a little help from Photoshop.  So here is the solution that I figured out:

Group 1:












Group 2:












Group 3:












Group 4:












Group 5:












Group 6:












So, 1+5+9+4+1+12 = 32