Last week

Update: 12-7-2012 – ¬†Term paper turned in; holidays can start now. ūüôā


About one more week to go (Dec. 8 to be exact) until the end of my first library class (Lib200). ¬†That mean only one thing, time to work on my term paper. ¬†At least throughout the course we have been working on it by gathering references, creating an outline and evaluating the references. ¬† But now is the time to commit to “paper” the¬†assemblage¬†of all this working into a¬†coherent¬†final product. ¬†Phew. . . ¬†I am ready.


Taking Notes

Image¬†¬†This semester for LIB200, Dr. Ron has us taking notes for all the reading. ¬†I think the concept of taking notes is a good idea based on the premise that we forget what we read and writing it down is a way to help remember. ¬†What I don’t like is that it take more time not only to read the book but to write down a shorted summary too.

   I have been trying out different ways to speed up this process.  First I tried reading a passage and write the notes, thoroughly in a Word document.  That took a lot of time.  Next I tried reading more of the chapter and writing down the notes.  Again, because of my through nature, this took time.

   I am now trying Evernote again.  I created an account a year or so ago but I never really got into the whole note taking syncing. Now I have more of an incentive to work with Evernote.  I have an iPad to take notes on while I am reading a passage.  Then I can sync to my desktop and copy-n-paste the notes into a Word document.  I think this will help to reduce the time it takes to take notes.  I hope.

MLIS Start

Well, Aug. 22 was the official start of my MLIS program at San Jose State University with my first core class LIB200 –¬†Info & Society with Dr.¬†Critchfield. ¬†So far a lot of reading as I expected. ¬†What I did not expect was that I would have to keep a reading notes. ¬†I understand the reasons, enforcing the¬†absorption¬†of the material, but it does take longer now to finish a section when I have to right down the summary too.

I also finished LIB203, the credit/no credit class on learning the aspects of the digital classroom.  I am happy to put that one behind me so that I can concentrate on reading notes.