ePortfolio is Done!

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I looked at my email today and I received word that my final ePortfolio submit and review passed with no further revisions needed.  Therefore, my ePortfolio has been accepted, my comprehensive assessment for my MLIS is finished.  My coursework coursework for my MLIS is done.  There are some additional finalizations that need to happen, like finishing this semester and INFO287, but for all intensive purposes, I have an MLIS now.


Nearing the end of my ePortfolio

stress-managementNearing the deadline for my ePortfolio: Nov. 16.  It is stress time.  Working on revisions for E, J-K and turning in N, Introduction, Professional Philosophy and Conclusion.  Wow.

Tired Pushing On

TiredRound two of my ePortfolio review has been sent back.  B-D and revised A were all accepted but for E, I missed the point.  So I had to rewrite Core Comp E from the ground up.  Nothing like having to do 5 competencies these last two weeks.

Comps F-I and revised E are being sent off today.  Pushing onward to J-M in the next two weeks.  Internet Librarian is on Oct. 26-29 and that will be in the middle of the last set of ePortfolio work.  I hope that is not going to be an issue.

INFO287 – Gamification is going OK.  I wish I had more time to spend on it.  I think I could do better.  I have to create a Scratch game in the next two days.  Oh boy.

Round 1

roundone00I sent Core Comp A off for review just now.  I am hoping it meets the requirements and I don’t have too much revision.  Next are Comps B-E.  It took me nearly two weeks to do Comp A and now I have to do four comps in the same two weeks.

Gamification is going fine.  Brainstorming last week was fun.

It’s the beginning of the end

Wow, my last semester at SJSU in the MLIS program.  Having come this far, I am frightened that I will be able to pull it all together and complete the ePortfolio.  And I am asking myself, why did I take two classes this semester?  Should I drop INFO287, Gaming, to concentrate on the ePortfolio class only?

The gaming class should be fun.  Sounds like we’ll be creating a game for the class.


One week to go for summer session . . .

il_fullxfull.191572057. . . already thinking about fall.

I just received the introduction email for INFO 289 – ePortfolio.  Looks like I will have to create a new blog, if I want to use a blog, to create my ePortfolio because I will need to setup a password protected site.  No problem.  I can just setup a private blog here and migrate what I already have to it.

As for LIBR250 – Instructional Design.  I just need to rewrite my proposal using the suggestions from my peers.  It shouldn’t be too bad.