Wrapping up Gamification

The final project for Gamification and my SJSU iSchool experience . . . maybe*.  I need to polish and present a game.  For my presentation medium,  will be using this WordPress site and create a specific page for INFO287.  My polished game will be to build a true Jeopardy game from my badge game in Scratch.  I want to use Scratch, even though it would not be the best presentation for the 80″ monitor because I want to experiment more with Scratch.  I think it is an interesting beginner’s coding platform and so much more different than traditional coding engines like PHP or C++.  So getting started on Information Literacy Jeopardy Part Duex.


* Maybe.  I was just informed about SJSU post-Master’s certificate programs.  During my Masters, I gained the most interest in Preservation Management.  I might consider a certificate in  Digital Archives and Record Management but I’ll wait and see if non-school life is too boring.



Tired Pushing On

TiredRound two of my ePortfolio review has been sent back.  B-D and revised A were all accepted but for E, I missed the point.  So I had to rewrite Core Comp E from the ground up.  Nothing like having to do 5 competencies these last two weeks.

Comps F-I and revised E are being sent off today.  Pushing onward to J-M in the next two weeks.  Internet Librarian is on Oct. 26-29 and that will be in the middle of the last set of ePortfolio work.  I hope that is not going to be an issue.

INFO287 – Gamification is going OK.  I wish I had more time to spend on it.  I think I could do better.  I have to create a Scratch game in the next two days.  Oh boy.

It’s the beginning of the end

Wow, my last semester at SJSU in the MLIS program.  Having come this far, I am frightened that I will be able to pull it all together and complete the ePortfolio.  And I am asking myself, why did I take two classes this semester?  Should I drop INFO287, Gaming, to concentrate on the ePortfolio class only?

The gaming class should be fun.  Sounds like we’ll be creating a game for the class.