ePortfolio Published

k1259158I cleaned up my ePortfolio to remove any references that would violate the privacy of others.  This is a mandate of the ePortfolio in the Affirmation section.  Therefore the password has been removed and it now linked straight from this blog.

Otherwise, I have been keeping busy learning how to be a reference librarian.  This is a difficult task as I want so much to help our patrons but sometimes I feel like I don’t have the skills yet to help out the best I could.  More time and practice will help.

Otherwise, I have just been performing my same duties in the information systems side of work.


Waiting for my MLIS

catwaitingFor the first time in a long time, I don’t have homework because I don’t have school.  It’s a weird feeling but I like it.  Just waiting now for the official word from SJSU that I have completed all my units and have been awarded a Masters in Library Information Science.

Wrapping up Gamification

The final project for Gamification and my SJSU iSchool experience . . . maybe*.  I need to polish and present a game.  For my presentation medium,  will be using this WordPress site and create a specific page for INFO287.  My polished game will be to build a true Jeopardy game from my badge game in Scratch.  I want to use Scratch, even though it would not be the best presentation for the 80″ monitor because I want to experiment more with Scratch.  I think it is an interesting beginner’s coding platform and so much more different than traditional coding engines like PHP or C++.  So getting started on Information Literacy Jeopardy Part Duex.


* Maybe.  I was just informed about SJSU post-Master’s certificate programs.  During my Masters, I gained the most interest in Preservation Management.  I might consider a certificate in  Digital Archives and Record Management but I’ll wait and see if non-school life is too boring.


ePortfolio is Done!

Source: http://www.carpentersplace.org/

I looked at my email today and I received word that my final ePortfolio submit and review passed with no further revisions needed.  Therefore, my ePortfolio has been accepted, my comprehensive assessment for my MLIS is finished.  My coursework coursework for my MLIS is done.  There are some additional finalizations that need to happen, like finishing this semester and INFO287, but for all intensive purposes, I have an MLIS now.

Tired Pushing On

TiredRound two of my ePortfolio review has been sent back.  B-D and revised A were all accepted but for E, I missed the point.  So I had to rewrite Core Comp E from the ground up.  Nothing like having to do 5 competencies these last two weeks.

Comps F-I and revised E are being sent off today.  Pushing onward to J-M in the next two weeks.  Internet Librarian is on Oct. 26-29 and that will be in the middle of the last set of ePortfolio work.  I hope that is not going to be an issue.

INFO287 – Gamification is going OK.  I wish I had more time to spend on it.  I think I could do better.  I have to create a Scratch game in the next two days.  Oh boy.