About Me

374052_10150347781561295_705761294_8375925_326502986_nHello everyone, my name is Gerald Rezes. Let’s see, I am one of those less than 25% minority library students who happen to be male. 🙂 I come to librarianship with a live long professional interest in computers and information technology. I would not have guessed that would be studying to be a librarian. But that changed after spending the last sixteen years working at an academic library.

I am starting this blog partially as  the necessity for an assignment and partially for the experience of blogging.  It seems to me that blogging was big in the 2000’s but Facebook and the like have taken over the spotlight.  For me, the relevant part of blogging is keeping things up-to-date and active.  I have seen many a blog start with enthusiasm and die due to lack of input.  My goal is to continue this blog throughout my MLIS program.

I work for Loma Linda University, University Libraries. I started out as a computer technician working for the library. After my supervisor left, I was assumed the position of Library Systems Administrator. I have participated in the rapid change that technology has brought to libraries. For example, the Integrated Library System (ILS) has changed from being the online card catalog to a discovery platform that not only searches our cataloged monographs but our databases and digital library. Although librarians dislike the term, the biggest push in libraries today I think is that they are becoming more “Googlish” meaning a one-stop-place to find information. Librarians will argue that at least the results found through the library’s search are more trustworthy.

Back to me. I live in southern California specifically in Redlands. I am currently married with a son in fourth grade. I try to find time for astronomy and video game playing. Reading for school is usually all the time I have for reading but I enjoy listening to audio books while commuting. I am working on listening to the classics like “The Odyssey”, “Dracula” and “Moby Dick” because they are public domain and volunteer sites like Librivox present great downloadable versions.

My other passion is astronomy. I have been interested in the night sky since I was a little boy.  I am a member of my local astronomy club the San Bernardino Valley Amateur Astronomers; I am also responsible for maintaining their website.  My other interests include music, video gaming and staying out of trouble.  🙂