Eclipse Trip – Day 4

Starting around 11:30am, it’s time to start the trip home with today’s destination being Reno, NV.  The first step is to get back on I-84 and head back towards Boise.  But oops, I started off going the wrong way as I missed the onramp.  No big deal, I only had to go up the freeway for about 4.4 miles then turn around and back the other way.  I saw the Lime factory from the freeway.  Continuing on through the hills of Oregon, that I wasn’t paying much attention to when arriving, there’s a large lake to the left as we head back.

I added a destination for a stop and lunch which Adrian is not aware. We pass through farmlands.  We are mainly in Oregon as we are on the west side of the Snake river.  Google maps takes us through the farms on country roads.  It’s as if we are lost but trust Google until we arrive at Adrian, Oregon.  Adrian (the boy) is excited by the place.  We stop at the only restaurant in town a rural place populated by the locals.  We both have hamburgers and they are good, tasty and juicy.

After Adrian, OR, we continue down the main road we were on.  At first, my phone had no data connection so it could not calculate directions.  As we continue, I try telling Google to map to Reno Nevada. Eventually Google hears and plots a course; it says it will take 9+ hours.  This is a lot longer than I anticipated but since the data connection are spotty, I go with it.  Passing from Oregon to Idaho, the time jumps an hour ahead. Our next major connection is to get on highway 95 and head south through Idaho.

On highway 95 we encounter traffic.  I am sure that highway 95 does not see this amount of traffic on a normal day.  The landscape is desert with mesa mountains in the distance.  We navigate the traffic, making our way past slower vehicles passing using the oncoming lane.  We pass from Idaho to Oregon again but this time the time does not change as this county in Oregon is on Mountain time.  There are several small towns that dot the highway.  I decide on stopping at Jordan Valley for fuel.  It’s at a bend on highway 95 and is very busy.  I find a spot to fill up at the only gas station (another Sinclair) and since we are in Oregon, the attendant/mechanic has to pump the gas.  There’s a tour bus or two stopped at this area and there are lines outside to the restrooms, so we skip that.

Back on the road, with a full tank, we don’t have to worry about the other stations having long lines.  Next stop, we McDermitt, NV.  I hadn’t realized that McDermitt was in Nevada thereby missing opportunities to  pick up an Oregon refrigerator magnet while in Oregon.  There’s not much to McDermitt but a casino/restaurant and a Texaco (with long lines).  In the casino/restaurant, it says that the restrooms are for customers only so we go to the restaurant for a couple drinks to go. The restaurant has WiFi so I connect and check the route.  LOL Google maps only heard the “Nevada” part of my destination to Reno, NV.  Therefore, it was routing us to the middle of Nevada and that is why I was going to take 7 more hours.  I know we needed to get on I-80 heading west so I wasn’t too excited when then route time was so long.  I figured we were heading in the right direction anyway.

Back on the road.  After the eclipse, this trip seems to be getting longer.  The next major town/city and our next stop is Winnemucca, NV.  We stop at a City Gas station, fuel up and stop to get some waters and to use the restrooms.  I found a $10 bill in the gutter near my truck.  Thinking of either gambling it, buying a drink or playing games with it when we get to Reno.  Right out of Winnemucca, the this road work that takes away lanes on the freeway and slows us down.  There’s not much to see or report from the I-80 mostly desert.  Near Fallon, NV, there is more road construction this time stopping traffic as they are paving the road and it down to one lane letting traffic pass one direction at a time.  By now the sun has set.

By now it’s night and the day is getting long.  There’s a town, Fernley, that lights up the road.  After Fernley, the landscape changes from desert to mountains.  The mountain pass has industrial buildings on either side probably mining.  After the mountains we finally see the casinos of Reno while passing through the connected city of Sparks.

Circus Circus Reno NV
from the Circus Circus website

We find our way to Circus Circus and check in.  The clerk asks us if we want a lower or upper floor.  Adrian wants an upper floor and we are sent to the top, 23rd floor.  We have to park across the street and walk the overpass back to the hotel.  It’s a bit of a pain to make our way back to the lobby to go to our room.  It’s an OK room with two nice beds, large bathroom and a view of the non-downtown side.  One of the things I notice is that the room seems to have a perfumy smell like an air freshener is turned on.  I can only tell that it might be coming from the hallway.  The room’s walls are thin, we can hear the neighbors.  When we go down to get dinner, the only restaurant open is a pizzeria.  It’s OK but I would have liked more choices.  But after the long day, it feels good to finally rest.


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