Wrapping up Gamification

The final project for Gamification and my SJSU iSchool experience . . . maybe*.  I need to polish and present a game.  For my presentation medium,  will be using this WordPress site and create a specific page for INFO287.  My polished game will be to build a true Jeopardy game from my badge game in Scratch.  I want to use Scratch, even though it would not be the best presentation for the 80″ monitor because I want to experiment more with Scratch.  I think it is an interesting beginner’s coding platform and so much more different than traditional coding engines like PHP or C++.  So getting started on Information Literacy Jeopardy Part Duex.


* Maybe.  I was just informed about SJSU post-Master’s certificate programs.  During my Masters, I gained the most interest in Preservation Management.  I might consider a certificate in  Digital Archives and Record Management but I’ll wait and see if non-school life is too boring.



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