LIBR250 – Design and Implementation of Instructional Strategies for Information Professionals

5611007702_c1e0f31e2fFirst week with my summer class.  Why did I take a summer class?  I could have rested.  This class is going to be hard.  There is a project that we will be working on throughout the summer.  I have chosen to create instructional design for seniors who have not used the Internet.  As inspiration, my mom, who hasn’t wanted to use the Internet in the past but is somewhat interested it it now.  It seems like a daunting task.  What did I take a summer class and one that will be hard?  It just comes down to not wanting to take this class and complete my portfolio at the same time.  Although, I did sign up for two classes in the Fall so that I can maintain half time status.  The “fun” class will be on gamification. I hope that was a wise choice too.