Short Break then on to Summer Session

short-break-routesFinally, Spring 2015 is over.  It seemed like a long semester Maybe I’m just getting a little burned out with school.  I think I did alright for my two classes.  LIBR244- Online Searching taught me to remember to use field parameters when searching databases.  For example, narrowing in on the AUthor or ABstract for a search.  The final project was a training packet I did for a fictional library orientation class.  Had to finish it a little earlier than I anticipated since it was due on  Wednesday not Friday.

The LIBR259 – Preservation Management class started out fun with the book soaking project.  I learned a lot about digital preservation and now I have lots of ideas as to what to do for the library’s archives.  But the class ended with a difficult final project to create a preservation policy for, as I choose, the university’s document archive.  I’d wish I would have chosen a different partner with the speed of the feedback that I received but in all  think it turned out OK.

185px-Second_Life_logo.svgWhat’s next, a summer class. I am hoping this will be fun. It’s the American Revolution in Second Life.  I don’t know what to expect since it is a virtual world.  I am hoping that it will be a light class.

Two more classes to go until I graduate.  I cannot believe it.


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