Fall 2014 Around the Corner

Classes are about to begin again on August 25.  I’ve already received an email for LIBR210 – Reference regarding the first week’s introductions.  My other class is LIBR287 – Cataloging.  All the books for these classes seem like dry reading.  I hope I can stay awake reading.

The summer break was a good time to take a break from school work.  Too much going on outside of school that a break was definitely needed.  After my Drupal class in the spring, I have continued to keep my GoDaddy site for my portfolio and I re-themed the SBVAA website to be more mobile friendly.  I am thinking of moving this site to my GoDaddy account and keep the WordPress instance there.  If I give up my GoDaddy account, then I’ll have to move back to here.  catcorner