Break Time

Spring 2013 semester is over.  Yeah.  I should be getting A’s in both LIBR202 – Information Retrieval and LIBR287 – Hyperlinked Library.  LIBR287 was definitely more fun and more educational.  LIBR287 has a more futuristic syllabus and offers information that I can apply to work immediately.  In fact, I created a Twitter account @LLULibraries inspired in part from the Hyperlinked Library class.

LIBR202, on the other hand, was a bit dry.  I don’t think that I learned that much or that much useful information that I could apply to work.  I was thinking it would help with searching databases but it was a class on information retrieval theory more than application.  I guess that is why they call it a core-class.  And I got dinged for using Wikipedia as a source. Grant it, I know it’s not a scholarly source, but I was using it to explain an acronym.  I feel that common knowledge like this is trustworthy on Wikipedia. Maybe that’s the problem;  APA citations are not needed with “common knowledge.”  Anyway, the ding didn’t make a big difference in my grade.



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