Virtual Symposium

Here it is the last post for the semester.  I cannot believe that this class if over.  I have had a lot of fun.

Meet Robbie, maybe a librarian of the future or an information interface.  Robbie is going to explain the concepts of  the Hyperlinked Library; I think he got his ideas from taking this course LIB287.

Robbie was created using the website Xtranormal. This was the first time I used the service (which is free up to a point).  I was really happy with the results as the video while being previewed but when it fully rendered, the speech was not as consistent.  There are unusual pauses at places that I did not intend.  Maybe we can chalk it up to Robbie’s robotic voice.

I downloaded the Xtranormal file and used Microsoft’s Movie Maker to continue to edit the video:  adding, captioning,  cutting and splicing as you will see.  I also sped up Robbie’s dialog which seemed to drag a little after the rendering.  It also shortens the video to around 7 minutes.

In case the dialog is a little too broken up, I have included a transcript: Dialog


8 thoughts on “Virtual Symposium

  1. This turned out really nice! You thoughts really summarized the class well and I loved the robot! Great job!

  2. Your video is great. Did you know you could put pauses into the speech using Xtranormal? Also, hand movements, and the camera can change too. It would have helped make your video much better, especially the pauses. The video would have been longer, but would have flowed much better and made more sense.

    • Judy, Yeah I included pauses and some hand movements. In the preview mode, the video really flowed nicely and sounded good. But when it was fully rendered, new, unintended pauses were added and broke up the flow. 😦 I intended the camera switches to take place when there was a new topic thereby reinforcing the change. I later added the captions as part of Movie Maker. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Gerald,

    Where can I purchase a Robbie-the-Robot action figure? You have fashioned a creative means to restate the highlights of our course content. Applause!

  4. I liked your review by Robby, and the thoughtful use of your human presence and voice to summary the importance of “humaness” in interacting and helping our patrons.

    Well done!

    • Thanks Michael. That’s the impression I was going for including my video portion. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off until I played with Movie Maker.

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