Reflective Practice

I am not sure what to write about for this week’s module. I am drained from working on the Director’s Brief and another report for my other class. It’s been a hard week, month, year both academically and personally. So at times it is hard to bring your heart to work.

I am blessed to have a supportive work environment. Well no surprise,I work for a library. In fact they are the ones that started me on this journey down the librarian road and are reimbursing the trip. Yet I guess that puts pressure on me to make sure that I complete the journey.

I am reflective on two articles in this week’s readings. The article on introverts rings a tone for me given that I am one myself. So it is kind of iconic that I would be spearheading my library’s social media campaigns. But this class has shown me and I then convey to the librarians at work how the way of Library 2.0 is all about communication and making personal connections.

The other article that struck me was the librarian’s account of how she was struck by an unexpectant, life changing event. Again I take from this article the way in which her coworkers supported her and gave her the time to recover. I often think of my coworkers as my library family. And although with the skills that I have currently I could be making more money working in a business environment, nothing beats the freedom I have currently working in academia where I am afforded the time and encouraged to be creative in my work.

And thus I reflect,



3 thoughts on “Reflective Practice

  1. Hi Gerald! I know what you mean. It is great to have support from coworkers especially when you are going through personal issues. Life does not always go as planned and it’s the connections we make and people we meet that make all the difference.

  2. I am glad you are encouraged to be creative in your work. Everyone should have that chance. SLIS is wonderful in that regard as well. Thanks for including that little picture – seeing it emphasized all the themes about human connections we’ve been looking at. Well done.

  3. Wow, Gerald! What a blessing that your academic library/employer is “reimbursing your trip!” I know other librarians who received tuition reimbursement, but they were working in the corporate world when they earned the MLIS. I have NEVER known of anyone working in a library setting who received a reimbursed trip. That, in addition to encouragement. WOW! Good for you! 🙂 Laurie

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