Tumbled into Tumblr

jernejk - flickrIn a previous blog post, I was debating if I should join Tumblr and in a broader sense, whether it was good or bad to sign up for every social network that’s out there (well maybe not every one).  Thoughts of wasting my time and security fill my doubts about the usefulness of spreading oneself too thin in the social soup.

Then Henry Mensch commented that it might be advisable to create an account even if it is just to claim it so no one else can come along and claim to be you.  This makes sense to me.  If I tried Tumblr and did not like it, I could put a message in Tumblr that says,  “Connect with me on Facebook.”  At least I am more findable.  (FYI – Don’t delete your Instagram account and try to re-enable it. Instagram clearly states that this is impossible and it is.  Just create a new account with a different username.)

exploreIn this week’s lecture, one of Michael’s slides and comments struck a chord.  “Willing to explore.”  This is a good manta.  It sparked me to at least giving Tumblr a look-see.  So without further ado, my Tumblr page: http://starnight71.tumblr.com.  So far I am just trying to learn what’s the big deal with Tumblr.  It’s a blogging site, like WordPress, but more stylized.  It looks more modern than WordPress.  Tumblr seems to connect with other social services easier.  The biggest difference is that Tumblr is a blog reader as well as a blog creator.  It’s like Instagram, Facebook and WordPress rolled into one.

EDIT NOTE:  Looking at WordPress.com’s admin bar, the “New Post” link takes me to a page that displays simplified options very much like Tumblr: Text, Images, Quotes, etc.  From that navigation, there is a “Reader” link where you can follow your favorite blogs.  It just doesn’t seem as obvious in WordPress than Tumblr.

So, I will continue to explore.  I recreated an Instagram account even though I still don’t see the big deal either.  I’ll probably create a Pinterest account next.   As a future librarian, it will be my duty to be able to connect with people where the people are at.  This takes learning new communication methods and enviably driving into new social media waters.


7 thoughts on “Tumbled into Tumblr

  1. I was really into Tumblr for a whole week. I feel like social networking sites’ popularity comes in waves for everyone-at least in my group of friends-one month Instagram is super popular and the next it’s all about Twitter. I like Henry’s comment and your’s about being more findable, which is very true! If you get a Pinterest account, you should add SJSU SLIS 🙂 they post some interesting stories and links occasionally.

    • Careful! Pinterest can be a total time-sucker. 😉 I’ll go on there to browse around and an hour will pass in the blink of an eye!

  2. Good move! Being curious about these new sites and exploring them is very useful. Each of them offers something unique and you learn and hopefully improve what you do by getting inspired and using bits and pieces from each. For example Pinterest is very good if you have nice images and Tumblr is a very popular social network that can spread the word about your work.

  3. I actually enjoy using Tumblr. I have a Tumblr, WordPress, & Blogspot account (definitely spreading myself pretty thin). However, I use them all for completely different purposes:
    1. Tumblr – I have an image-heavy blog (http://skipto-myloo.tumblr.com) where I post various bathroom signs
    2. WordPress – My private blog that I use kind of like a diary (it’s locked)
    3. Blogspot – My public blog that I use to post my thoughts & random happenings

    I think the thing that differentiates Tumblr from other blogs is that it has a more “social” and exploratory aspect of it. It’s kind of a hybrid between Twitter, Pinterest, & Blogspot.

    Since Tumblr is so image-heavy, I tend to like posts and follow people on a more superficial level (i.e. people who I don’t know), whereas with other blogs I usually tend to follow either people I personally know or respected figures with opinions I trust.

    Tumblr’s a great playground for quick & easy humor-content blogs/communities (http://www.buzzfeed.com/stacylambe/54-best-tumblrs-started-in-2012)

  4. This is great! Glad you went exploring. I am more taken with Instagram right now than Tumblr or Pinterest. I follow just a few people who post “arty” Instagram images. I’m intrigued with Tumblr…maybe that’s one I should try next.

  5. Tumblr feels like a modernized Livejournal (remember that? It’s still a thing of sorts, but not so much in the English-speaking world) or an undisciplined Pinterest. I use it to follow other Tumblrs but I don’t create any content of my own … for now. I’ve seen some Tumblogs that were so well-done that you couldn’t really tell they were tumblogs. Most Tumblogs can be followed with RSS so I follow the most interesting blogs this way.

    Pinterest seems to be more about re-appropriating content than creating your own. In the aggregate, I suppose, it can amount to an individual creation + popularity contest (as what you post is re-pinned by others).

    I don’t do either of these seriously or professionally (which is why I haven’t linked to them here) .. at least not at the moment.

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