Tumblr and Soundcloud … Spreading too thin

tumblrI’ve been thinking that I should join Tumblr.  It seems to be the up-and-coming social network service.  A blogging spinoff that does blogging with style.  And having listen to the “How to Fail at Social Networking” webinar the other day, it was mentioned that Tumblr is where all the teenagers are after the grownups took over Facebook.  Not that I am staking teenagers, it’s just that trying to stay up-to-date with the younger crowd technologically.

soundcloudThen there is another interesting social site, Soundcloud, where people share music, or sounds, that they create.  I wonder what the copyright liability is in this if an artist samples a clips from a Soundcloud post?  I like music and have a desire to compose and post music someday when I have time.

Should I connect to these sites, create accounts that might just linger without use? I have a MySpace account that I never check.  I cancelled my Instagram account thinking that I rather just post images into Facebook.  Are we spreading ourselves too thin signing up for multiple accounts in these services just to have them grow digital cobwebs?  From a security perspective, keeping too many accounts just creates more targets to be hacked.

jolidriveThis started with another social media tool that I discovered today, JoliDrive. JoliDrive connects all your social cloud storage application into one interface.  This looks promising so I signed up.  I’ve known about JoliCloud for a while ever since they released a Cloud-based Operating Systems, Joli OS, that is similar and competes with Google Chromebooks. Except this OS will install on any modern laptop/netbook.


7 thoughts on “Tumblr and Soundcloud … Spreading too thin

  1. You raised a bunch of important issues, actually. Keeping around accounts that you may not use does create a potential security problem, but you also have to think about owning your brand. If people might think you have content on a particular service it may make sense to sign up if only to claim a username and set up a profile to redirect users to where you are more active.

    On services where I think people may look for me I try to grab my default username to set up a profile that refers people to other places. It also helps you preserve your brand–someone who doesn’t like you can grab your preferred username and publish items that may get in the way.

    If this is for your library … talk to your library’s social media people. They may already have a plan.

    For me services like SoundCloud aren’t especially useful. SoundCloud is where lots of DJs post their club sets, and I don’t do anything like this. I already have hosting and can put up a sound file for sharing whenever … but on Pinterest I’m a champion cute animal pinner! For each user their service … and for every service there is a user.

    • Thanks Henry for the reply. I might have to go back and create holding accounts like you said. It reminds me of a couple of library users who would signup for every online free email service, back when free email was the latest thing, just so that they could claim their email address names.

  2. The high schoolers where I work are all about “Insta.” Thank you for the information about Tumblr. I am trying to decide if my library should drink the Tumblr Kool-Aid.

    • Yeah. I tried Instagram and thought to myself “Why don’t I just post to Facebook?” Having read Henry’s reply, maybe I should reactivate my Instagram account to “hold it”. Thanks for the reply.

  3. Every day it seems there is a new social site. I had never heard of Soundcloud or JoliDrive until your post. Geez where have I been?

    I am mindful of signing up for every social site. Especially if I don’t intend on using them for fear of having more of my personal information “out there” for no good reason and be more vulnerable to hacks. This might simply be paranoia on my part as I am a victim of identify theft and it is NOT a pleasant thing to go through. I don’t fully trust the level of security on all these sites.

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