Can’t wait to be a librarian

librarian2smJust taking a couple of classes at SJSU SLIS and thinking about how to change the LLU library has be wishing I was librarian now.  What do I mean?  I mean that I have all these ideas and I have the ear of the director and librarians but in my heart  I am not a librarian.  So, I do not feel I am equal or at the same level as the librarians and therefore, I feel like I don’t have the same say in these ideas that will effect the very nature of the library.  But I do have a say and I say it.  I do get things done and do them.  But, well just thinking about social media and the library’s commitment to it.  I cannot really participate in responding with authority to patron research questions because I don’t have the librarian title.  So, hoping I can get through these MLIS classes as quickly as possible so that I can give myself permission to be a librarian and well as act like one.



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