Emerging Technology/Social Media Plan

imagesThis is my report for the “Emerging Technology/Social Media Plan” assignment.  I choose to create a business report on incorporating Twitter into the library.  Why Twitter? Isn’t everyone already doing that?  No not quite.  It is one social media tool that my library is not engaged in.  Twitter offers a platform to engage patrons in conversation not just broadcasting information.  The report emphases this criteria and easing Twitter into the library’s workflow in a three phased approach.   This is not just an assignment for me but will be a stepping stone to present to my library for action.

See the attached PDF document:



6 thoughts on “Emerging Technology/Social Media Plan

  1. That’s great that you can use your assignment to actually present your plan at your library! Hopefully they will jump at the proposal, especially since it doesn’t require extra funding or extra staff and current staff members can train each other!

    • Thank. I think that we will definitely do something but hopefully the contribution will be more conversational than merely posting updates to Twitter.

  2. Great job and I love that you are actually using this to present to your library! The only thing I had a question about is who exactly is allowed to use Twitter? All staff? Full-time, part-time, volunteers? Another thing that I would mention is the frequency of updates that would be acceptable–just something things I saw when looking up information for my social media policy 🙂

    • Kelsey. I was thinking that the librarians in my library would feel more comfortable posting to Twitter themselves before giving the staff the rights. The is something that could change when recently it was brought up in a meeting that some circulation staff mentioned wanting to contribute to the library’s news blog. Frequency would be not too little and not too much. It definitely needs to be added to on a regular basis so to keep people’s interest. But we don’t want to overwhelm them with too many tweets.

  3. I just participated in a TLO sale (Twitter Link Only). I learned about the sale through other means (other sites, emails…). They announced that the company would tweet information about the sale 3 days ahead, so I “followed” them and watched it all 3 days for tips. I learned more about their company and products from the customer chatter than I ever would have browsing their site. I signed up for membership to save time during the limited selling time as they advised on their tweet. So now I am a member, I follow them on Twitter, and am now a loyal customer after learning all that from 3 days of information.
    It was a great marketing strategy that we can use to reach more patrons!

    • Thank you Joyce for the inspiring story of Twitter’s potential. Hopeful libraries can have similar achievements.

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