How to Fail at Social Media Webinar

Hello everyone,

First of all, thanks Henry Mensch for posting a tweet about this webinar a while back.   I signed up for a webinar entitled: “How to Fail at Social Media (And How to Get it Right)” and it really gave me food-for-thought related to my planning assignment and the Hyperlinked Library.  Besides the intriguing title, the topic spoke to me because my library has been slow to engage in the social network space.  I would highly recommend watching the archive of this presentation as it lends itself to many topics that we have been addressing in the Hyperlinked library.  Briefly summarizing some of the presentation:

• Social networking should be about engaging in conversations with patrons and not so much broadcasting information but also listening.  An example from the presentation is a library which asks their Facebook followers what they are reading, they receive lots of responses but the library does not answer any of those responses.  This is pretty much a one-way conversation and  a road map to disengage with those users who took the time to respond.

• Credibility on the web is questionable when anyone can create a Twitter or Facebook account claiming to represent the library.  Make sure to fully fill out your library’s social media profile and include relevant, meaningful information that the patron can identify as coming from the library.

• Develop a social media policy, preferably before creating a social media account and stick to it.

• Don’t be like a prairie dog and stick your head into and out of social media like a prairie dog sticks its head in and out of its hole.   Be prepared to engage in social media and commit to it.

• Encourage posts to social media that engage a conversation rather than announce a service.  For example, instead of commanding patrons with, “Come use our reference database for your answers”  try something like, “Tired of your Wikipedia references being rejected?  The library has many scholarly resources to improve your next writing assignment.”

The archive listed below asks for some basic information to view the presentation.  The presentation is about an hour.  There was a time in the middle of the live broadcast this afternoon when the presenter lost her connection, just so that you are aware.  I don’t know if they edited the situation out.


2 thoughts on “How to Fail at Social Media Webinar

  1. The title caught my eye. So many want to be successful at social media but they don’t really know what they want to get from it, so they make a Twitter account, post a few tweets, and nothing happens … and then they decide that it’s Not A Thing and forget about it.

    The webinar does a great deal to set people up for success in social media in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

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