Reading List Choices

BlinkThePowerOfThinkingW3204_feverythingismiscThere are so many books to choose from on the list what to choose?  I can think of this logically and choose Weinberger’s “Everything is Miscellaneous” since it is a textbook for my LIBR202 class that I am currently enrolled.  Killing to birds with one stone philosophy.  There again, Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink” appeals to me because I had started reading it once, got interested but put it down when classwork “got in the way.”  I always wanted to get back to it and read it.  I heard Malcolm Gladwell speak at a keynote address and he conveyed one of the more memorable keynotes I have heard.  Or, I could go through the list, research the books with the fewest pages and make a decision based on how much I need to read. LOL.  First of all, I am going to sleep on it.



2 thoughts on “Reading List Choices

  1. “Blink” has won. Even though “Everything is Miscellaneous” is in my other class’s reading, I’ve wanted to read “Blink” for a while now.

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