Happy New Year

2013Happy New Year

This will be an interesting year for schooling.  This will be the first year in my online schooling that I will be taking two classes at the same time.  When I was going to Capella University, I concentrated on one class at a time.  It took longer to finish but each class was 6 unites and 10 weeks.  At San Jose State University, each class is 3 units and a semester (18 weeks I think).  I need to stay at halftime status, 6 units, therefore, I need to take two classes.  Thankfully, the library will give me comp. time for study each week which will help me stay on target.

My academic plans are to take two classes for Spring 2013 which starts on January 22.  My classes for this semester will be LIBR202 – Information Retrieval and LIBR287 – Hyperlinked Library.  Then in summer, I will take one class; in fall, two classes.


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