On my way to Work with Ulysses

I like to listen to audiobooks on the way to work and back since most of my regular reading is devoted to reading for class.  I love librivox.org as a source of public domain material performed by volunteers.  I recommend listening to “Moby Dick” from Librivox and Frankenstein but,  I could not get into Jame Joyce’s “Ulysses.”  The recording was purposely done in a less than normal manner such as allowing street noises which to me was a distraction

Thanks to a free, two book trial, from audible.com, I downloaded a professional recording of Ulysses and it is superior.  The voice acting is done well and the audio is clear.

I’ve only gotten up the 4th chapter so far.  There is over 22 hours of audio in this book.  That’s like listening to The Bible on CD, which I have.  So far it is an interesting read.  The noted “stream of consciences” passages are a bit difficult to keep in mind while driving though.

Why Ulysses? It is generally recognized as one of the most important books of the 20th Century.  So, I thought I should read it as I am trying to catch up on the other Classics too.


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