Other duties to be assigned

There is always a clause in a job description, “other duties to be assigned;”  this is one of those “other duties.”   I was recently asked to remove a tape from a cassette recorder, yes a cassette recorder.  The eject mechanism broke so that it would not disengage the play head from the tape therefore, trapping the tape in the machine.  The library happened to have another tape player, exactly the same, but with a note on it, “No sound.”   I used the second tape player as a guide and eventually, forcefully, removed the tape undamaged.

But now, there were two broken tape players.  Ah, idea!  Take them apart and salvage the contains of one so that there would be one working player.  It is not like you can just go down to Walmart and pick up a tape player/recorder anymore; you have to make do.

I was eventually able to swap the system boards from the non-sound one with the broken eject one.  In the end, I soldered up one working player.  Here are the remains of the broken one:


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