Asking for Permission – Update

I saw a humorous cartoon posted by a friend of a friend on Facebook equating reading to installing new software but can I really post the image without  violating copyright?  From Randy Glasbergen’s website: “All of the cartoons featured on this site are copyrighted material. Any unauthorized usage is prohibited and illegal.”   What to do?  Well, I am taking Mr. Glasbergen’s advice and asking permission to share his cartoon.   Stay tuned.  🙂


So, I contacted Mr. Glasbergen through his website and the first response I received was an invitation to post the image for a fee.  I replied and told Mr. Glasbergen that I was a humble MLIS student and this is a personal blog.  He replied back giving me permission to include one image with the expressed written content of Mr. Glasbergen.  So with no further ta’do:

Cartoon displayed with authorization from

7-Year Battle To Stop Google From Digitizing Libraries Is Ending With A Whimper by Brian Proffitt

Dr. Ron shared this link with the class as it relates to an earlier reading that discussed Google’s up and coming Digital Library project and the legal battles that would likely result.

By Brian Proffitt via ReadWriteWeb

On my way to Work with Ulysses

I like to listen to audiobooks on the way to work and back since most of my regular reading is devoted to reading for class.  I love as a source of public domain material performed by volunteers.  I recommend listening to “Moby Dick” from Librivox and Frankenstein but,  I could not get into Jame Joyce’s “Ulysses.”  The recording was purposely done in a less than normal manner such as allowing street noises which to me was a distraction

Thanks to a free, two book trial, from, I downloaded a professional recording of Ulysses and it is superior.  The voice acting is done well and the audio is clear.

I’ve only gotten up the 4th chapter so far.  There is over 22 hours of audio in this book.  That’s like listening to The Bible on CD, which I have.  So far it is an interesting read.  The noted “stream of consciences” passages are a bit difficult to keep in mind while driving though.

Why Ulysses? It is generally recognized as one of the most important books of the 20th Century.  So, I thought I should read it as I am trying to catch up on the other Classics too.

Other duties to be assigned

There is always a clause in a job description, “other duties to be assigned;”  this is one of those “other duties.”   I was recently asked to remove a tape from a cassette recorder, yes a cassette recorder.  The eject mechanism broke so that it would not disengage the play head from the tape therefore, trapping the tape in the machine.  The library happened to have another tape player, exactly the same, but with a note on it, “No sound.”   I used the second tape player as a guide and eventually, forcefully, removed the tape undamaged.

But now, there were two broken tape players.  Ah, idea!  Take them apart and salvage the contains of one so that there would be one working player.  It is not like you can just go down to Walmart and pick up a tape player/recorder anymore; you have to make do.

I was eventually able to swap the system boards from the non-sound one with the broken eject one.  In the end, I soldered up one working player.  Here are the remains of the broken one: