Entering the Digital Age

ImageHow does one now-a-days enter the digital age for the first time.  For me, it all started with dial-up modems, BBS and Prodigy.  A got my first email address from Earthlink and registered a domain name for my astronomy club. Time progressed, Hotmail came out then Yahoo, then Google and Facebook.  Now I have at least 5 email addresses.

Yet what would you do if you needed to start in on the Internet now?  This is the question I face with my mom who has not owned a computer and has now received a Kindle Fire for her birthday.  In order to get the most from her Kindle or even register it, you need to have a footprint in the digital turf.

I started by creating a Gmail email account for my mom.  Interestingly, Google has a field for secondary email address which does not make sense coming from the prospective of first starting an email account.  Next, I created a Facebook account for my mom whereby FB needs an active email account.

The next step will be to register my mom’s new Kindle and create an Amazon account.  I don’t know if it will require a payment option or not.  That is a delicate subject because to go from no Internet footprint to registering a credit card in an account is a big step.


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