An Introduction (Hello World)

Hello, my name is Gerald Rezes and I am a first year student at San Jose State University’s School of Library Information Science.   I am starting this blog partially as  the necessity for an assignment and partially for the experience of blogging.  It seems to me that blogging was big in the 2000’s but Facebook and the like have taken over the spotlight.  For me, the relevant part of blogging is keeping things up-to-date and active.  I have seen many a blog start with enthusiasm and die due to lack of input.  My goal is to continue this blog throughout my MLIS program.

My other passion is astronomy. I have been interested in the night sky since I was a little boy.  I am a member of my local astronomy club the San Bernardino Valley Amateur Astronomers; I am also responsible for maintaining their website.  My other interests include music, video gaming and staying out of trouble.  🙂


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